Thank you for joining us at the Smart Nation Innovations Week Opening Symposium and Gala Dinner 2018! We are delighted to share some moments captured below.

DSC_6888r DSC_6947r DSC_6875r DSC_6940r DSC_6879r DSC_6900r DSC_6965r DSC_7103r DSC_7070r DSC_7030r DSC_7034r DSC_7147r DSC_7112r DSC_7128r DSC_7163r DSC_7207r DSC_7184r DSC_7244r DSC_7224r DSC_7257r DSC_7249r DSC_16r DSC_11r DSC_6367r DSC_6364r DSC_6352r DSC_6369r DSC_28r DSC_31r DSC_29r DSC_6466r DSC_6538r DSC_6549r DSC_6733r DSC_40r DSC_33r DSC_6692r DSC_6686r DSC_6569r DSC_6270r DSC_6301r DSC_6248r DSC_6278r DSC_6273r DSC_6306r DSC_6325r DSC_6264r DSC_6280r DSC_6239r DSC_6284r DSC_6282r DSC_6286r DSC_6262r DSC_6294r DSC_6260r DSC_6324r DSC_6252r DSC_6268r DSC_6287r DSC_6257r DSC_6305r DSC_6297r DSC_6300r DSC_6289r DSC_6266r DSC_6309r
Last updated on 29 Oct 2018