What is Virtual Singapore?

A dynamic 3D digital platform that will enable the public, businesses, government and research agencies to derive insights, develop solutions and run simulations using a large-scale city model of Singapore.


With a rich data environment, Virtual Singapore provides a collaborative platform to help make long-term decisions on areas such as infrastructure and resource management, urban planning, etc. For instance, the planner can use the app to assess the solar potential of certain buildings through simulated placement of solar panels, and develop solutions to improve accessibility for families, the ageing population and people with disability!





Capabilities of Virtual Singapore

  • Virtual Experimentation

Virtual Singapore can be used for virtual test-bedding or experimentation. For example, Virtual Singapore can be used to examine the coverage areas of 3G/4G networks, provide realistic visualisation of poor coverage areas, and highlight areas that can be improved on in the 3D city model.


  • Virtual Test-Bedding

Virtual Singapore can be used as a test-bedding platform to validate the provision of services. For example, the 3D model of the new Sport hub with semantic information within the Virtual Singapore could be used to model and simulate crowd dispersion to establish evacuation procedures during an emergency.


  • Planning and Decision-Making

With a rich data environment, Virtual Singapore is a holistic and integrated platform to develop analytical applications (i.e. Apps). For instance, an app could be developed to analyse transport flows and pedestrian movement patterns. Such applications would be useful in non-contiguous urban networks such as our parks and park connectors in Punggol.


  • Research and Development

The rich data environment of Virtual Singapore, when made available to the research community with the necessary access rights, can allow researchers to innovate and develop new technologies or capabilities. The 3D city model with semantic information provides ample opportunities for researchers to develop advanced 3D tools.


Here's how Virtual Singapore can be used in analysis of light and temperature for solar energy potential. See how Virtual Singapore incorporates and displays semantic information of buildings and geo-localised information.



Find out more about Virtual Singapore here!


Last updated on 02 Jan 2020