Planning for Our People and Businesses


Digital innovations in planning

Singapore is a small city-state with a land area of just 721 square kilometres. As Singapore’s land use planning and conservation authority, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has to plan and provide space for economic development, as well as provide quality living and recreation opportunities in a sustainable manner.

Planning in today’s changing environment requires a holistic understanding of the city. In the past, it was more challenging to do so without the benefit of consolidated, up-to-date and real-time information. Thanks to digital innovations, URA has transformed the way it plans. The use of digital tools has helped to create solutions that better meet urban challenges, deliver a better quality of life for our people, as well as support our industry in driving productivity gain and value creation.


Using data to gain insights to drive better planning decisions

  • Bringing jobs closer to homes






URA’s decentralisation strategy provides people living in the West and North regions with more job opportunities nearer to their homes, helping to reduce long home-work commutes. The data tells us, for instance, that the majority of the people working near Tampines Regional Centre reside in the East and Northeast region, mostly within 45 minutes of home-work travel by public transport.

  • Improve accessibility and allocation of amenities








Planners use digital tools to help identify areas with a high concentration of seniors with poorer access to healthcare facilities and services. Based on the data available, a larger population of seniors reside in the East and Northeast region, with most within 1.5 km from the nearest polyclinic. More healthcare facilities will be required in areas with seniors residing further away from existing healthcare services, and where the number of seniors are expected to grow.

  • Empower planners with rich planning data for quick visualisation and analysis

Developed in-house by URA, ePlanner is a one stop, multi-platform, geospatial urban planning analytics system that integrates data from various sources to enable advanced spatial visualisation and analytics. ePlanner enables planners from URA and other agencies to easily access and analyse various land-use planning information such as development control, real estate, land sales and car parks, on a single platform, and especially while they are on-the-go. With such a system that facilitates integrated planning, planners are now better informed of the ground situation to anticipate changes and improve coordination among agencies.

  • Allow cross-agency collaboration in scenario-testing and optimising land use

GEMMA is a powerful collaborative tool that allows planners across various agencies to come together to do land-use scenario studies and infrastructure staging plans. Through the system, planners can access rich layers of map-based information and data-analytics algorithms for integrated planning analysis. For example, land use and transport planners can jointly assess the public transport use patterns across different neighbourhoods, to improve plans that would encourage greater use of public transport.



Last updated on 02 Jan 2020