What is Moments of Life?

  • As part of efforts to offer citizens a more seamless and convenient experience when transacting with Government digital services, the Government is re-organising itself to provide personalised, customised services at a citizen-centric level.
  • The Moments of Life initiative is a step towards delivering integrated services and information that citizens need, when they need it, all through a single platform. It is aimed at providing personalised and proactive support to citizens at key junctures of their lives, bundling relevant government information and services across agencies according to citizens' needs.


Moments of Life for families

  • A significant milestone is when parents with newborns or young children have to adjust their lifestyles or make important decisions for their children’s well-being. Moments of Life for families is the first 'Moment' that has been implemented.
  • Since its release in end June 2018, the Moments of Life app has been well received by citizens.
  • Over 8,000 parents have also used  new online birth registration feature to register the birth of their child.


Moments of Life for seniors

  • To better support Singaporeans as they age, an Active Ageing module has been added to the Moments of Life mobile application. The trial version will be ready from 1 September 2019. 
  • The Active Ageing features cater to seniors aged 60 years old and above, and support them in staying active, healthy and engaged in the community, after consultation and user testing sessions with over 400 seniors.
  • Through the app, seniors can get access to their Merdeka Generation (MG) e-card, find active ageing programmes near them, and check the government benefits that they are eligible for.


Co-creating with Citizens

  • Moments of Life is not just a step for the Government to connect the dots. It also represents how active gathering of citizen feedback can help enhance service delivery and design of the app.
  • We have enhanced the online birth registration experience to include an additional feature – application for child library membership – in the online birth registration service on the Moments of Life app.
  • The birth registration service on the Moments of Life app is now available to parents whose children are born in both public and private hospitals in Singapore.

Find out more about Moments of Life here.  Have a question or need more help? Refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Last updated on 02 Jan 2020