Why was Parents Gateway app developed?

The app seeks to provide an efficient means of managing common administrative functions, thus enhancing convenience for parents, and elevating administrative workload for teachers so as to allow teachers to focus on teaching and nurturing.


Benefits of using the application

  • Enhanced convenience for parents:
  • Parents can perform administrative functions on the app, such as providing consent for their children to participate in school activities, and be kept updated on the flurry of programmes and activities their children are involved in.
  • Parents with children attending different schools can use the app to access information on all their children through one platform.
  • When a student moves from one level to another or from one school to another, his or her particulars will be updated automatically on the app, reducing hassle on the part of parents.
  • Elevated administrative workload for teachers:
  • By streamlining the manual administrative process involving distribution, collection, collation and repeated reminders when engaging parents, through their children, using hardcopy forms, teachers can better focus on lesson preparation and student engagement.


The app development process

  • The Parents Gateway app was designed with the citizen’s needs in mind.
  • It involved collaborating with partners across various division and agencies, and gathering of feedback from stakeholders and users.
  • The app development process adopted a parent-centric design approach, and took into consideration familiar user-behaviours (such as adding to calendar, in-app notifications, etc.)
  • The implementation of the Parents Gateway app adopts a “Forever Beta” approach in order to remain relevant and responsive to necessary changes for continuous improvement.



What to expect

  • A feature to allow parents to check the balance of their child’s Edusave account before granting access for activities.
  • Online reservation system for more convenient allocation of parent-teacher meetings.



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Last updated on 03 Sep 2019