Moments of Life supports you on your parenting journey 

The Moments of Life initiative is a step towards delivering integrated services and information that citizens need, when they need it, all through a single platform. For a start, the app provides useful services and information needed by parents and caregivers of young children on a single digital platform, giving you greater convenience and allowing you to devote more time and energy to your little ones. 


Moments of Life Families app




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Check out some of the app's key features below!


Electronic Birth Registration service includes application for Baby Bonus and Library membership 

moments of life birth registration

The electronic Birth Registration service allows you to register your child's birth, apply for Baby Bonus and apply Library membership for your child, at the same time via a single application. Log in with SingPass and have most of your information pre-filled, and reduce the need for physical documentation verification when collecting your baby’s birth certificate.


This online service will be available to you if:

  • At least one parent is a Singapore citizen;
  • Both parents have SingPass accounts; and
  • Your marriage is registered in Singapore.


Easily locate preschools near you

moments of life preschool

Search for suitable preschools in your preferred locations. Access information about each preschool, including vacancy information and fees, and indicate your interest for a place for your child. Your selected preschools will contact you directly with more details.


Easy access to a list of institutions that accept Child Development Account (CDA) funds

moments of life preschool

Easily locate institutions near you that accept the use of CDA funds. Search by specific categories, such as healthcare, child care and insurance. Access address and contact details of these institutions, and find out more about how to best utilise your CDA funds for your child.


Easy access to your child’s immunisation records and medical appointments

moments of life child health

Tracking your child’s health is important, especially in the early years. Log in with SingPass to access records of your child’s completed immunisations and dates of upcoming medical appointments.


Recommended information and events at your fingertips

moments of life info events

Looking for interesting parenting articles, events and activities for your child? Get a list of recommended articles and events based on your topics of interest.



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Last updated on 26 Jun 2019