What is the CentEx for?

  • Centre of Excellence (or CentEx) for ICT and Smart Systems is where specialist engineering expertise will be grown to support the government.
  • The CentEx will house capability centres such as Data Science and AI, ICT Infrastructure, Application Development, Sensors and IoT, Cybersecurity, and GeoSpatial.
  • The CentEx may expand into new technology capability areas as the need arises. This could include robotics, VR/AR, digital twins or blockchain.
  • Doing so will enable the Government to have the right capabilities to support our level of ambition, and ensure that the Government is able to “think big, start small and act fast” to seize new opportunities.


How will the CentEx build capabilities?

  • By building an in-house reserve of deep technical skills in areas where internal capabilities are needed to deal with highly complex issues on short notice
  • By raising capabilities of ICT practitioners and leaders across the government
  • By equipping general public officers with relevant broad-based ICT skills (eg. basic awareness of data analytics)


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Last updated on 03 Sep 2019