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Smart Nation Fellowship Programme

If you are a top data scientist, technologist, programmer or engineer, and would like to contribute to the Smart Nation Initiative, then the Smart Nation Fellowship Programme may just be the right fit for you. For short stints of three to six months, you will work alongside data scientists and product developers from GovTech’s Government Digital Services (GDS) team, as well as users and developers from different government agencies, to apply data science and technology for the public good.

Tender for LED Street Lighting with Remote Control & Monitoring System (RCMS) <closed>

A tender has been issued on 4 Jan 2017 for the development of energy-efficient Smart Lighting systems for islandwide deployment along Singapore’s public road networks. The initiative seeks to replace the existing timer-based street lighting system with a Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) and allow the system to be more responsive to weather changes. Besides the RCMS, the initiative seeks to leverage on existing public lighting infrastructure to explore how it may form as a key part of our national sensor communications network; enabling smart, connected and connected sensors to deliver more efficient and smarter services for our citizens.

Interested parties may access the Open Tender “LTA000ETT17300004” on GeBizSubmissions close at 4pm on 4 Apr 2017.

Call for Proposals (CFP) to develop technical solutions for smart metering trial <closed>

A CFP was issued on 2 Nov 2016 to develop technical solutions for a smart metering trial slated to begin in about 2 years. The objective of the trial is to develop a common platform for remote and automated meter reading of electricity, gas and water meters, so as to provide more timely usage data. The CFP includes proposals for the development of a mobile application for timely and useful information on electricity, water and gas consumption on personal mobile devices such as handphones and tablets to help enhance consumers’ awareness of utility consumption patterns, with the hopes of empowering them to better manage their energy and water consumption.

Deadline for submission of proposals for mobile application development and for the smart metering trial has closed.

Enabling Innovation Grant <closed>

Do you have solutions that can enable seniors to age autonomously despite their disability?

The fourth grant call under the National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing, the Enabling Innovation Grant seeks innovative solutions that are easy to use, safe and effective, can help improve seniors’ function and enable seniors to remain active, independent and age in place despite their disability.

Details are available here. Deadline for submission of project abstract has closed; stay tuned for announcement of results in the 2nd half of 2017.

RFI for applying Self-Driving Vehicle-enabled technologies to public cleaning <closed>

Do you have information and ideas on how self-driving technologies can be integrated with multi-purpose utility vehicles (MPUVs) to augment street cleaning and refuse collection in public spaces? 

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has issued a joint Request for Information (RFI) to look at ways to leverage new technology to improve productivity of public cleaning so as to enhance our living environment.

Interested parties can access RFI “NEA000ERP16000006” on GeBiz. Submission closes at 4pm on 28 Dec 2016.

Ageless Workplaces Innovation Grant <closed>

Do you have an idea that can improve the productivity and health of older workers or allow older workers to be employable for as long as possible, beyond age 65 years old, and are looking for grants? Here it is.




Last updated on 13 Apr 2017